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The Internet: Private commodity or public good? Perceptions from the KICTANet 2017 ICT survey. State of ICT Report 2017.

Type of Resource:
Research report

Year of Publication:

- Challenges

- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): KICTANet

Findings show that the Internet is a service that should not be restricted to elite urban users and needs to also be accessed by poorer and rural communities, dominance of particular players such as telecommunications companies is a key concern and that the internet market is driven by market forces which leads to limited investment in rural areas, and the Internet remains an elitist, jargon-laden commodity, yet is essentially a public good that needs to be demystified. Respondents perceptions were that the Internet should be a public good rather; the government is a key player in the technology sector and needs to make more effort in ensuring access to all, providing infrastructure at national and county levels and engaging the citizenry in ICT policy making and implementation; and the government is mto emtirely honest in its policy making and activities. Reccomendations: greater inclusion of different stakeholders in different aspects of the ICT sector such as policy making, planning and legislation; more effort by government to be transparent and accountable in its ICT policies and practices; increased engagement by academia in both theoretical and industry-focused research; discouragement of monopolies; and continued encouragement of public-private partnerships.


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East Africa,

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