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Government, New Media, & Civic Spaces: Takeaways from NMCG 2018

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Research article

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- Enablers
- Challenges

- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms
- Internet Safety

Author(s): BudgIT

The aim of the New Media Citizens and Governance conference (NMCG) was on the using new media tools and trends to hold government and public officials to account. The first session titled ‘Are elections won on the timeline?’ discussed how elections are being won and lost on social media, and how social media attacks have created a platform for fake news to thrive. The second session discussed fake news and hate speech and how it poses a threat to national development. Different orgnsations showcased the platforms that they use to hold the government to account including EiE by REVODA, GoVote bu CCHub and ElectionTRACK by BudgIT. Other issues discussed were fake news, digital security, privacy security breach and solutions to this problem.


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West Africa,

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