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MOOCs for in-service teachers: The case of Uganda and lessons for Africa

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- Enablers
- Challenges
- Outcomes and Impacts

- Digital Literacy And Skills

Author(s): Benedict OYO; Billy Mathias KALEMA; and John BYABAZAIRE

This paper therefore presents a specialised MOOC platform known as TEP (Teachers’ E-learning Portal) for digital literacy and online life-long learning for in-service teachers in Uganda. TEP is built for environments with inadequate access to computers, internet and technical assistance. As such, TEP is accessible online or offline, managed by accredited local universities in collaboration with beneficiary secondary schools, and runs on existing resources in schools (technical personnel, computers and internet). Results - Irrespective of age, when teachers are adequately supported internally by their schools and externally by a university, can improve their digital literacy and sub-sequently engage in online life-long learning.


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East Africa,

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