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Barriers to effective integration of computer technology into classroom instruction in the Keta municipality

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- Challenges
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- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Besah David Kwaku

The purpose of the study was to find out the state of ICT infrastructure in our schools, what teachers believe are the barriers to computer technology use in their classroom instruction and what suggestions they had to offer in order to bridge the barriers. The study revealed that infrastructure for ICT was inadequate. Even though a lot of schools sampled had electricity, the number of computers and other ICT tools were insufficient in most schools. Respondents suggested that ICT infrastructure should be supplied to schools and teachers trained to use ICT in their classroom instruction. Parents should provide computers for their wards at home so pupils can use them to do projects and assignments. Provision of ICT infrastructure, training of teachers and provision of home computers for pupils were recommended.


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West Africa,

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