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An adaptive internet management model for higher education institutions in South Africa

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- Enablers
- Challenges
- Outcomes and Impacts

- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet for Democracy

Author(s): Boshoff, Ryno ; Cullen, Margaret

This thesis is an exploratory, mixed method study which consists of literature studies, surveys and cross sectional studies. The literature studies were conducted on secondary sources to identify the national and international governance structures that influence Internet management. The empirical study which consisted of two surveys was compiled from existing surveys as well as from literature studies and was completed by its respective respondent groups. The first survey was used to gain insight into what was considered the standard Internet Management Business Model at HEIs in South Africa. The second survey was used to gain insight how the Internet was being used at Nelson Mandela University by staff and students. Lastly, an extract of the Nelson Mandela University Firewall data were gathered and used to confirm or deny results from the previous survey. The findings of the first survey, HEI Internet Management Survey (HEIIMS), confirmed that the Internet and its relevant resources are extremely important to all HEIs. The HEIs Internet Management Business Models are to a large extent aligned with the National Research an Education Networks (NRENs) business models with some adjustments.


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South Africa,

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