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GeoFarmer: A monitoring and feedback system for agricultural development projects

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Author(s): Eitzinger, Anton; Cock, James; Atzmanstorfer, Karl; Binder, Claudia R.; Läderach, Peter ; Bonilla-Findji, Osana ; Bartling, Mona ; Mwongera, Caroline; Zurita, Leo ; Jarvis, Andy

We decided to tackle this problem through cost-effective, easy to use ICT approaches, based on infrastructure and services currently available to small-scale producers in developing areas. Working through a participatory design approach, we developed and tested a novel technology. GeoFarmer provides near real-time, two-way data flows that support processes of co-innovation in agricultural development projects. It can be used as a cost-effective ICT-based platform to monitor agricultural production systems with interactive feedback between the users, within pre-defined geographical domains. We tested GeoFarmer in four geographic domains associated with ongoing agricultural development projects in East and West Africa and Latin America


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