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E-Governance in Africa and the Challenges Confronting Urban E-Planning: Lusophone African Countries

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- Enablers
- Challenges
- Outcomes and Impacts

- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet for Democracy
- Internet Governance

Author(s): Carlos Nunes Silva

This chapter explores trends in the development of e-governance in Africa, issues, challenges, opportunities, and innovative practices, as well as the impacts that such process is likely to have in the progress of Urban e-Planning in the continent, namely in the five Lusophone African countries. The first part is focused on e-governance development in Africa. The second section deals with the case of the Lusophone African countries. Despite the overall negative picture of e-governance development in Africa that emerges from this overview and the huge barriers it is confronted with, there are signs that it is possible to have a rapid and sustained progress in the field of Urban e-Planning in the near future.


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