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Understanding Internet Going Mobile

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Policy paper

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- Enablers
- Solutions or Strategies
- Trends

- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Christoph Stork, Enrico Calandro and Alison Gillwald

Enablers: the mobile phone is now the key entry point for Internet use. Trends: Internet access has grown significantly, increasing Internet penetration to 15.5 per cent across the ten African countries surveyed on household and individual ICT access and use by Research ICT Africa in 2011/12. Solutions: Evidence of a lack of skills being a significant deterrent for Internet use demonstrates that fair competition and effective regulation needs to be complemented by intergenerational educational strategies, and literacy and e-literacy campaigns, to enable equitable access to enhanced communication services. Likewise, addressing gender equity in access to the Internet more sustainably will be achieved only through more equitable access to education for girls and, therefore, employment opportunities and income, not narrowly based interventions within the sector such as targeting women with genderspecific devices or exceptionally priced services


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Sub Saharan Africa,

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