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Connectivity and the Tea Sector in Rwanda Value Chains and Networks of Connectivity-Based Enterprises in Rwanda

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Research report

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- Enablers
- Outcomes and Impacts
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- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Christopher Foster and Mark Graham

Gains from using connectivity by tea farmers or co-operatives tended to require further support such as skills building and provision of appropriate ICT which could support their needs, connectivity is one element in the private-sector reform of the tea sector, through which Rwandan firms are becoming part of a global production of tea, there was much less evidence that changing connectivity has brought about significant transformation,Evidence suggests that tea firms in Rwanda have reaped little benefit from making themselves visible online. Connectivity is benefitting actors in the tea sector by reducing the cost and difficulty of communication over long distances, and as the tea sector is integrating globally this is becoming increasingly important. The challenge is to ensure that improved benefits are felt further down the production chain for farmers and co-operatives, and that Rwandan firms are not marginalised in global production.


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