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Internet and Broadband in Cameroon: Barriers to Affordable acccess

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Research report

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- Challenges
- Solutions or Strategies
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Julie Owono, Kojo Boakye and Felix Blanc

Cameroon remains one of the least connected in the world—only 6 percent of Cameroonians use the Internet, and those that do pay heavily for the privilege, shelling out over 60 percent of average monthly income in the country for an entry-level fixed-line broadband package. The reasons for persistently high prices are multiple, complex and inter-linked—Cameroon suffers from limited international bandwidth, a monopoly in the fixed-line sector, severely limited competition in the mobile sector, a regulator struggling to come to grips with consumer protection demands, and weak civil society. Yet despite these significant challenges, positive signs have recently emerged. The government has shown both momentum and willingness to innovate and develop the ICT sector, new submarine cable landing points will soon come on stream and a third mobile operator is set to enter the market later in 2014.


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