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Towards improved access to broadband in Africa

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Research report

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- Challenges
- Outcomes and Impacts
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Economic Commission for Africa

Challenges: Africa has enormous infrastructure gaps, including broadband infrastructure, and access to broadband services, where they exist, is alsovery expensive. Enablers: Accordingly, building broadband infrastructure and making broadband services accessible and affordable have been major policy preoccupations of African Governments. The increasing number of countries with national broadband plans in place shows the intention to improve access and affordability through various measuresTrends: With landing of the submarine fibre optic cables, the terrestrial networks have been dominating and satellite broadband networks have been declining. With the extraordinary penetration of mobile on the continent and the limited availability, mobile broadband subscriptions have grown exponentially, leaving the fixed broadband penetration progressing very slowly. broadband pricing and regulation is also discussed as key to improving access at the national and regional levels. Impacts/Outcomes: the continent has the least affordable broadband services in the world.


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