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Information technologies as a tool for agricultural extension and farmer-to-farmer exchange: Mobile-phone video use in Mali and Burkina Faso

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- Enablers
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- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet Governance

Author(s): Fernando Sousa; Gian Nicolay; & Robert Home

The aim of this contribution is to evaluate the potential of video on mobile phones as a tool for farmer-to-farmer exchange and agricultural extension in Western Africa’s rural reality. This aim was addressed by interviewing 460 farmers in Mali and Burkina Faso. Third generation mobile phones (3rdMP) with video and Bluetooth technology were found to be widespread in the study area. Furthermore, videos on 3rdMP were found to have a high frequency of contact and a high information utility. The participating farmers reported a high degree of access to 3rdMP, including people who previously had limited access to information sources, such as young women.


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