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The Use of Digital Elevation Models for Water- Shed and Flood Hazard Mapping

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Author(s): Forkuo Eric K., Tsawo, Vincent A.

Despite the decade-long efforts of nations and work groups towards flood hazard reduction through its program, minimal diminution from these hazards has been realized. This is mainly due to the fact that with the increase in population and urbanization coupled with climate change, flood hazards are becoming increasingly catastrophic. Therefore there is a need to understand and assess flood hazards and to develop means of its management: prediction, preparation, and prevention, mitigation, and post disaster activities. To achieve the aim of its prediction, Geographical Information System (GIS), spatial technology, geospatial and hydrological models were used as tools. In this research paper, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) which have proven to be a valuable tool for the topographic parameterization of hydrological models which are the basis for any flood modelling process was created from remotely sensed data (ASTER). 


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West Africa,

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