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Public Participation Using 3D Web-Based City Models: Opportunities for E-Participation in Kisumu, Kenya

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- Enablers
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- Outcomes and Impacts
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- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet for Democracy
- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms
- Internet Safety

Author(s): Jacob R. Onyimbi; Mila Koeva; and Johannes Flacke

This paper investigates the impacts of the combined use of 3D visualization and e-participation on public participation in Kisumu, Kenya. A 3D city model, created with CityEngine2016, was exported into a web-based geoportal and used as a Planning Support System in two stakeholder workshops in order to evaluate its usability. Results showed that effectiveness and efficiency varied within different professional groups while the questionnaires showed strong preference for e-participation methods, especially ShortMessage Servicess/Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and emails.


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East Africa,

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