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A framework for workplace information literacy in academic contexts: Central University of Technology, Free State (South Africa) as case study

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- Digital Literacy And Skills

Author(s): Jeannet Molopyane; Ina Fourie

The purpose of this paper is to suggest a framework for workplace information literacy based on a case study at the Central University of Technology (CUT), Free State (South Africa). The framework is based on a literature survey covering case studies from the private, public and academic sector and a case study conducted at the CUT, Free State (South Africa). The data analysis reveals a need as well as support for workplace information literacy. It addresses institutional buy-in, the need for alignment to the institutional strategy, inclusion of workplace information literacy in job descriptions, whether workplace information literacy should be optional or mandatory, whether it should address the needs of all staff members, the responsibility for a workplace information literacy programme, perceived benefits, etc.


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South Africa,

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