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Exploring the factors influencing the adoption of Open Source Software in Western Cape schools

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- Enablers
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- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): Kevin A Johnston; Shameemah Begg; & Maureen Tanner

This study aimed at gaining insights into the factors influencing or inhibiting OSS adoption within the Western Cape Schools Environment. In-depth interviews were conducted with senior staff in the Department of the Premier, Department of Education, as well as users at school level. The Technology-Organisation-Environment (TOE) framework was employed to organise the data, while thematic analysis was used to uncover themes and patterns in the data. Significant factors that emerged as positive influences to the adoption of OSS included cost, performance and positive attitudes. The negative influences that emerged included compatibility, lack of resources and time, and lack of support.


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South Africa,

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