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The Internet and Business Process Outsourcing in East Africa Value Chains and Networks of Connectivity-Based Enterprises in Kenya and Rwanda

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Research report

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- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Laura Mann, Mark Graham, Nicolas Friederici

The development of ICT sectors fell short of many original hopes. Internet connectivity proved to only function as a catalyst for economic growth in combination with other enablers, even for the examined sectors of connectivity-based enterprises. Competitive advantage is always relative, and, in the case of Kenya’s and Rwanda’s BPO sectors, India and other Asian BPO destinations have maintained the edge in international markets. Despite the overall positive evolution of ICT-based subsectors in In Kenya and Rwanda, the role of internet connectivity for growth in knowledge economies continues to be a complicated one, including for connectivity-based enterprises. Future opportunities might actually lie in ‘close’ (local and regional) markets, and policymakers and indeed all economic actors will need tocontinue to learn and adjust to other unexpected developments brought about by internet connectivity.


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