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ICT access and usage among informal businesses in Africa

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Journal Article

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- Challenges
- Solutions or Strategies
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Mariama Deen-Swarray, Mpho Moyo and Christoph Stork

Trends: Fixed lines, computers and the internet are not used widely enough by informal businesses as mobile phones. Challenges: despite the availability of a number of ICTs, the most common method of communicating with both customers and suppliers is face-to-face interaction. The reasons cited regarding the lack of use of the different kinds of ICTs included issues around need, affordability, availability and access. Solutions: Broader policy interventions would be required in order to facilitate access and address affordability. There is little money to be wasted on gadgetry in the informal sector and only technologies that add value (i.e. bring money in the short term) will be used.


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