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Kenya BPO and ITES Policy Brief

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Policy brief

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- Enablers
- Solutions or Strategies
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Mark Graham

The focus on international BPO work has not succeeded as originally envisioned. The country has been moderately successful in attracting foreign BPO/ITES firms to Kenya.Kenya has been able to build a positive and successful brand around the BPO/ITES sector.The arrival of fibre-optic cables has been an important enabler for the BPO/ITES sector. Its recommended that Kenya: Adopt a multi-pronged BPO/ITES strategy,Harness the critical mass of digital adoption the region, carry out research and training, encourage knowledge spillovers from foreign BPO/ITES work based in Kenya, continue to build the Kenyan brand, financially supporting SMEs and carry out research and training


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