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Impact Of Internet On In-House Public Relations Practice In Higher Learning Institutions In Kenya: A Case Study Of The University Of Nairobi

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- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Mutua Annah N.

This study set out to investigate on impact of internet on in-house public relations practice in institutions of higher learning in Kenya, with the University of Nairobi as a case study. The specific objectives of the study were to explore the extent to which the Public Relations Department at the University of Nairobi uses internet to communicate with its publics; examine how internet is used by the Public Relations Department at the University of Nairobi to communicate with external publics; to investigate whether Public Relations practitioners in the Public Relations Department at the University of Nairobi integrate internet with other techniques in communication to the university publics and to determine the impact of internet use on the relationship between the University of Nairobi and its strategic publics. The findings indicated that internet tool that was most commonly used to communicate was E-mail, followed by newsletters, World Wide Web and virtual communication. The findings also indicated that the function most commonly communicated via internet was accessing term notes by university students followed by other internet tools, for example, by staff through intranet to access various communication from the University.


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