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Internet fraud and its socio-economic implications for peace and development of Agona Swedru (Ghana)

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- Challenges
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- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Ninson, Comfort

Internet has countless benefits to the world, however, it has also been an easy platform for criminals to commit fraud. This research investigates the forms and prevalence of Internet fraud in Ghana specifically in Agona Swedru and examines its socio-economic implications on the peace and development of the town. The study reveals that the practice of Internet fraud has effects on human resources, causes fear and panic, increase social vices and stigmatisation which has implications on the peace and development of the town. Findings from this research showed that although Internet fraud has negative implications, it also has some positive implication on the socio-economic development of the town. The research showed that Internet fraud has promoted investment, created some employment opportunities, expanded some markets and provided vast infrastructural changes contributing to the peace and development of the town. The limitation of the research was identifying reliable statistical information on Internet fraud though the practice is rampant in Ghana.


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West Africa,

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