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The State of E-local Participation in Kampala Capital City Authority in Uganda: A Reality or Deception?

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Conference proceedings

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- Enablers
- Challenges

- Internet for Democracy

Author(s): Norbert Kersting; Andrew Matsiko

Because of growing demands and pressures from citizens, political representatives and institutions of governments are increasingly opting for new forms of participation. In other words, a mix of methods is utilised to complement representative participation and city administration. In Uganda, a number of local political representatives: Councilors, Lower level Mayors and Lord Mayor use online participatory instruments; social media platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter to connect with citizens in Kampala capital city authority. However, critical analysis of online participatory instruments for information giving and citizen engagement seems to be lacking. In this regard, a number of possible research questions to critically interrogate are posed.


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East Africa,

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