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Library Users’ Challenges and Information Literacy Training Needs: Proposed User Friendly Programs for Online Resource s and Services

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- Enablers
- Challenges

- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): Prisca Tibenderana, Jackline Kiwelu Mayende, Dorcus Kigozi and Moses Odeke Osama

This study probed into the challenges with on line library resources and services and information literacy training needs of the library users. The findings on library users’ challenges related to on-line resources and services in logical order in terms of percentage were: slow internet (47.8%); lack of know-how in the use of electronic catalogue (31.8%); computers in e-resources were always occupied (30.2%); the online catalogue (OPAC) was complicated and hard to use (28.1%); electronic journal articles were not easily accessible (23.8%) and no knowledge to conduct an online search (20.4%). The results on information literacy training needs were on how to: use electronic catalogue (OPAC) (59.4%); conduct online searches and use e-resources (47.5%); find books through the open shelves in relation to OPAC (33.5%). Anchored on these empirical data, the proposed user friendly on line resources services including a university wide training were thus proposed to be implemented.


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East Africa,

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