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The Influence Of Personal, Family And Social Variables On Technology-Oriented Venture Creation: Theoretical Case Of Internet Cafés In Bloemfontein, South Africa

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- Enablers
- Challenges

- Digital Literacy And Skills
- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): Rambe, Patient; Mokgosi, Bridgette

For technology-oriented firms such as internet cafés, which are now in constant competition with inexpensive, low threshold, ubiquitous technologies such as mobile phones and social media for availing internet resources and providing personalised learning environments respectively, the need to understand the critical determinants of the establishment and sustenance of small technology-oriented ventures demands rigorous investigation. Despite the central place of internet cafés as the dominant points-of-access of internet resources for low socio-economic groups in South Africa, there is paucity of in-depth knowledge on the critical variables influencing the establishment of such technology-oriented ventures. This research gap is attributed to the independent and fragmented examination of micro-level (personal demographic variables such as gender, age, income and language of manager/owners), institutional (such as family role models, family entrepreneurial values and support) and macro-level variables (as manager/owner’s prior scientific literacy such as their participation in STEM subjects, social prejudice) that shape and influence the creation of technology-oriented ventures.


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South Africa,

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