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Disentangling the broadband divide in Rwanda: supply-side vs demand-side

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Policy brief

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- Challenges
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): ResearchICTAfrica

Trends: Rwanda performs better than leading African markets, Kenya and South Africa, in terms of cost of 1GB data • As with many predominantly prepaid mobile markets, bundled and dynamically priced products are better value for money than 1GB of data, the international standard for data measurement. • Airtel’s bundled products provide more value for money, more data, and a cheaper option than 1GB of data • Despite a number of policy and regulatory initiatives aimed at improving broadband access and use, broadband demand remains relatively low, with the majority of Rwandans unable to access mobile broadband services Challenges: As indicated by the low penetration rate and poor usage rates, Internet access remains unaffordable to the majority of Rwandans despite the relatively strong performance of mobile broadband products. This is evidence that reductions in prices through improved competition does not necessarily translate into affordable prices.


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