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Evaluation of Implementation of ICT in Teachers’ Colleges Project in Tanzania

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Research report

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- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): SIDA

Hardware and software purchased and installed in all teachers colleges. In some places, rather than using the VSAT internet access from SATCOM that was unreliable and insufficient (3Mbps/1Mbps for all colleges), TTCL through relatively cheaper ADSL internet access was contracted for some colleges at 512 Kbps per each and the Internet access speed slightly. Morogoro Teachers’ College (MTC) was identified as the lead college. A project team was established to oversee all activities, consisting of 4 Tanzanian staff and one consultant from the U.K., all based in Morogoro.The Project document states that the training will have two components, i) Initial training for ICT tutor and technicians and ii) ongoing tutor/technician training. Two tutor/technicians will be trained in each college and in the Teacher Education Department of MoEVT, to install and maintain ICT equipment. Altogether 70 tutor/technicians should be trained. The project document envisaged training of 906 tutors in basic ICT skills, through training of 70 trainers to ICDL standard, who in turn would train the 906 tutors using an adopted training package.


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