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Building an Argument for Internet Expansion in Dwesa - an Under-Serviced Rural Community in South Africa

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Conference paper

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- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Sifiso Dlamini,Moshe T. Masonta and David L. Johnson

Solutions: the need to connect more areas of the Dwesa community - particularly active ICT champions and households of some stakeholders who are willing to use their homes as a central hub for other community members. The option of running parallel network links to connect two broadband islands that exist in SLL in order to provide improved redundancy in the network, should one of the satellite links fail. The network will be expanded using wireless mesh technology. To make use of TV white space technology – wireless communication making use of unused portions of the TV spectrum – for one of the parallel links connecting the broadband islands.


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South Africa,

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