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Understanding what is happening in ICT in Botswana

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Policy paper

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- Challenges
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Steve Esselaar and Sebusang Sebusang

Enablers: In 2006, the market was liberalised to allow internet service providers (ISPs) to provide voice over internet protocol (VoIP), the mobile operators to build their own infrastructure and the international voice gateway to be opened to competition. Privatization of BTC , Mascom and Orange were awarded service-neutral public telecommunications operator (PTO) licences allowing them to offer services across the spectrum using whatever technology they choose. investment in bandwidth capacity (via connections to two undersea cables: the Eastern African Submarine Cable System [EASSy] and the West African Cable Sytem [WACS]. Challenges:Botswana’s networked readiness ranking has been deteriorating in recent years. the market remains structured around three vertically integrated operators. the market remains structured around three vertically integrated operators.


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