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Computers, Culture and Music: the History of the Recording Industry in Malawi

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Journal Article

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- Enablers
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use
- Internet Governance

Author(s): John Lwanda and Chipo Kanjo

The advent of multiparty rule in 1994 (which had itself been facilitated by the political use of information technologies, like fax machines, PC based internet and publishing to subvert the one party state censorship) further liberated the recording environment, although distribution remained a preserve of shopkeepers. Despite this, producers and musicians found themselves hamstrung by the limited lack of alternative cassette and compact disc presses and distribution channels. Influenced by regional recording industries in South, East and West Africa, as well as socio-political events, musicians and entrepreneurs turned to computer-based digital recording studios towards the end of the 1990's and small independent music studios mushroomed in towns like Blantyre, Balaka and Lilongwe as well as trading centres like Lunzu.


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West Africa,

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