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“Nollywood Goes Homo”: Gay Identifications on the Nigerian Internet

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Book Chapter

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- Trends

- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): NOAH A. TSIKA

In april 2013, Nigerian YouTube user 234 pulse, whose channel is devoted almost entirely to pirated footage of real and simulated sexual acts—footage lifted from sources as diverse as private smartphone recordings, porn websites, satellite telecasts, and commercial DVDs—uploaded a clip of a key scene from the Nollywood filmPregnant Hawkers(Patrick Hogan and Okechukwu Ifeanyi, 2013), in which a beautiful young man anally penetrates another. Like many of the user’s other videos, the clip fromPregnant Hawkersis visibly the product of piracy: captured at a canted angle and within a shaky frame, on an apparently handheld...


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West Africa,

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