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The Discourse of Digital Inclusion of Women in Rwanda’s Media A Thematic Analysis of Imvaho Nshya and The New Times Newspapers.

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Book Chapter

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- Challenges
- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): Margaret Jjuuko and Joseph Njuguna

In Africa and in developing countries, ICTs are widely recognised as powerful tools for the socioeconomic transformation of women. ‘They facilitate informed decision-taking and communication among women and other dispersed networks and mobilise them to participate in [public debates] […]’ (Macueve, Mandlate, Ginger, Gaster, and Macome, 2009, 21). ICTs have also tackled infrastructural barriers in resource-poor contexts in Africa (Nyamnjoh and Brudvig, 2016).


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East Africa,

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