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The war of images in the Ivoirian post-electoral crisis: the role of news and online blogs in constructing political personas

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Book Chapter

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- Enablers

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use
- Internet for Democracy

Author(s): Anne Schumann

The Ivoirian Crisis of 2002–7 was accompanied by a media war which has been so virulent that observers have at times labelled Ivoirian media as ‘hate media’ (Witcher, 2006). The vigorous public debate has also taken place on relatively new platforms outside established information channels, such as popular music (Schumann, 2013) and open-air public discussion sites calledparlementsandagoras(Bahi, 2003). As Dina Ligaga observes with reference to Kenya, the ‘internet provides alternative routes of expression of popular culture, bringing to the fore aspects of social and political lives and ideas that would otherwise have remained hidden from


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West Africa,

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