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The Relevance of South African Legislation on Social Media as a Strategic Disaster and Crisis Communications Tool

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Journal Article

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- Enablers

- Internet Governance
- Internet Or Digital Rights and Freedoms

Author(s): T Ramluckan, M Subban, B McArthur

Disruptive justice is believed to be an irreconcilable element with the rule of law, which only establishes the rule to govern society in context. With the emergence and influence of social media, it has become evident that citizens within a country have the ability and enabling technologies to mobilise the masses and influence governments and organizations. Governments and organizations that fail to meet society’s expectations of fulfilling public responsibilities will most certainly be criticized or receive negative publicity. This paper seeks to examine the governance of social media as a crisis- and disaster-management tool and the legislation governing its use.


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South Africa,

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South Africa,

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