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A Case Study of ONA - East Africa One Network Area roaming initiative2016

Type of Resource:
Research report

Year of Publication:

- Trends

- Internet Access, Affordability And Use

Author(s): International Telecommunications Union (ITU)2016

The ONA model is good example of a multi-country initiative for the creation of a harmonized enabling environment for the international mobile roaming market with the objective of enhancing affordable access to roaming services for both voice and data. It shows that despite price reductions, and the emergence of a range of alternative technologies and calling solutions, prices are still high, and actions are still being taken by ICT Regulatory Associations to make roaming affordable to all consumers. This report also illustrates the importance of having inclusive dialogue at national and regional level in defining appropriate solutions for business, regulation, and policy issues.


Region of Study:
East Africa,

Country of Study:
East Africa,

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